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Best Phone for Gaming in 2020: Razer 2 vs. Asus Rog, Xiaomi Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic Mars

by Steve Danforth
Phone for Gaming

Although a few years back, playing from your phone was just starting to be a thing, partly because smartphones were not that performant, and partly because the games were not yet fully developed and optimized for mobile play, starting with 2017 things started to change radically. Nowadays, more and more gamers from all over the world are choosing to play their favorite games on their phone. Unlike accessing a new casino site, playing games on your phone requires a lot of processing power, so you have to make sure you get the best money can buy.

The newer generation of smartphones has gone beyond the wildest expectation, being able to rival the gaming quality of a high-end PC or an advanced console. We’re talking about ridiculously advanced models, such as the Razer Phone 2, or the Asus Rog, but not only. There are also powerful runner ups such as the Nubia Red or the Xiaomi Black Shark, which make it rather difficult to choose the best smartphone for your gaming. So, let’s take an in-depth look at what makes each of the high-performing gadgets a worthy contestant to the Nr. 1 spot, and see if we can determine the best phone for gaming in 2020. 

Best Gaming Phone Overall – Asus ROG

The ROG phone from Asus (meaning Republic of Gamers) delivers the most force, top-class ergonomics, as well as the keenest structure. The 6-inch AMOLED display is equipped with revives 90 frames per second – a record for an OLED telephone delivering an AMOLED display. The top refresh rate implies less movement obscure and quicker reaction. While it’s not the best display out of the four phones, you can still see a perceptible improvement over different telephones when enjoying the games

What makes this the best Android phone for gaming is the inventive Air Triggers pressure-delicate corners that twofold as guard catches for games, extending game control well beyond the standard screen. Its committed X mode is capable of delivering a streamlined gaming experience that can be made significantly increasingly agreeable when utilizing the telephone’s separable fan frill, which is remembered for the case. The ROG likewise delivers the best battery autonomy (more battery implies more gaming!) and also delivers the most accessories that can be bought. You only get a detachable fan when you buy the phone. Picture quality offered by the back camera is acceptable for a Razor phone. 

The drawback is that, costing over $640, you’ll have to dig deep in your pockets for the features and functions offered. 

Best Gaming Phone Suited for Day to Day Use – Razer 2

In case you’re searching for a versatile gaming telephone that can serve as a day by day device, then go for the Razer 2. It will give you the look of a gaming phone, yet serves as a dynamite Android telephone to utilize when you’re not into games. The Razer 2 waterproof feature is unique among the four phones in the list and also offers remote charging. All in all, everything you could wish for on a mobile phone.

From the list of devices we review today, we appreciate the Razer 2’s structure the most. Numerous individuals will be steered away by the “stone monument from 2001: A Space Odyssey” vibe this phone has. Be that as it may, the highlight on the Razer Phone 2 is the splendid 120 Hz invigorate rate and show. Regardless of whether you’re playing games on it or doing anything else, liveliness like looking over pages looks too smooth, and designs are fresh. The gadget has incredibly noisy work in speakers that appear as intended for portable gamers as well as any other user that just wants to take phone calls, watch movies, or listen to music. Its back camera was dramatically improved equipment. However, picture quality delivered by the back camera is simply decent.

Best Value – Nubia Red Magic Mars

The Nubia gaming phone is the sequel for the similar phone they launched in 2018. You get a total storage space of 64GB and not less than 6GB RAM for $399. Presently the same amount of money will bring you a model with double the storage space and 2 GB in plus as RAM.

The Magic Mars gets benefits in a lot of highlights like capacitive buttons on the shoulder, an inventive cooling framework, and a tremendous game mode at a very good cost. Besides the dedicated gaming mode, standard Android 9 Pie is the operating system on the device. Its greatest drawback is the screen. It doesn’t deliver anything special. It’s just mediocre. From this point of view, the Red Magic Mars is not capable of putting up a fight with ROG or Razer telephones.

Best Accessories – Xiaomi Black Shark

The Black Shark from Xiaomi is offered with a very clever gamepad that can slide into the phone. Being able to use the physical joystick had a tremendous effect on gaming. Tragically, it felt unbalanced when I utilized it, but don’t panic because $89 will get you the Gamepad 2.0 that has a progressively even structure. Like the controller you get on a Nintendo Switch, this gadget has a right and left controller that lock and slide on both ends of the telephone.

Similar to the Red Magic, this model Shark operates near a stock variant of Android. The Android 8.1 Oreo was chosen over Android 9 Pie, yet utilizing the telephone’s User Interface for anything else than gaming felt like a Pixel 3.

There you have it – an honest review of each one of the competitors for the supreme spot. Now, it’s all up to you. We recommend that you test each other and get the one that serves your purpose the best. Also, we launch an invitation to all our readers that have any gaming phones to let us know about their experience. Use the comments section and tell us everything you love about them and what you’d improve. 


Thomas Glare is the pure definition of a gamer. He is capable of playing games on a toaster if that would be possible. So, since he loves games so much, he decided to write about them, which became a part-time job for him. When he’s not playing games, of course. 

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