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5 Podcasts to Check Out in 2024

by Steve Danforth

Looking for a new podcast to help you ring in the New Year? Whether you need to stay occupied during a long day in the office or want some entertainment as you recover from a procedure at The Bunion Cure, we’ve got you covered. Today, we will be sharing 5 podcasts that you should check out in 2024, from true crime shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat to comedy podcasts that will give you a much-needed laugh.

1. Crime Show

This underrated true crime podcast focuses each episode on the people involved in crimes, as opposed to focusing on the gruesome or exploitative details of the crime itself. Some episodes involve ghosts and paranormal activity, while others involve scams such as identity theft.

2. You’re Wrong About

Journalists Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes explore major moments from United States history – from events like the OJ Simpson trial to major pop culture moments like the death of Amy Winehouse – to examine why each event has been misremembered in the imagination of the general public. Whether you’re a history buff or a pop culture fanatic, You’re Wrong About is sure to leave you entertained!

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3. Too Scary Didn’t Watch

Want to know what happens in horror movies but feel too scared to watch for yourself? Too Scary Didn’t Watch features 3 close friends, Emily, Henley, and Sammy, who watch popular horror movies and describe the plot to listeners in detail so that you don’t have to. Whether you’re a horror fan or just want to know a little bit more about the movies that you feel too scared to watch, this podcast has a little something to offer everyone.

4. Binchtopia

Hosts Eliza and Julia discuss everything from politics to pop culture in this lighthearted, educational podcast. Whether you’re looking to gain information about a niche topic or just want to have a laugh, this podcast (which was recently recognized by the New York Times!) is a great option for listeners of all ages and interests.


5. Normal Gossip

In the mood to hear some gossip? We’ve got just the podcast for you! Normal Gossip is hosted by Kelsey McKinney, who is frequently joined by various celebrity guests to read fan-submitted gossip about normal people and their normal lives. This is the perfect podcast for those looking to stay entertained during a long day at work or who want to have a laugh!

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