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How Smart Tech Has Changed Society for the Best

How Smart Technology Improves Society

by Steve Danforth

Smart technology is now everywhere, and it’s changing society for the better. At first glance, it might seem like smart tech consists of frivolous devices made for nothing more than entertainment and convenience, but it’s actually making a big difference.

Here are all the ways smart tech is positively impacting society.

  1. Smart tech empowers law enforcement

Whether it’s biometrics, facial recognition, or AI-powered databases, smart technology empowers law enforcement to do their job better than ever. For instance, when searching through a criminal database, smart algorithms can calculate data to make connections faster and more effectively than someone doing the work manually. This can increase the accuracy of information law enforcement retrieves from the databases and can help solve cases and find suspects faster.

Law enforcement agencies need all the help they can get. Sometimes locals aren’t willing to help them solve crimes because of anti-police sentiment. Some people withhold important information about crimes simply because they don’t like the police. This makes it hard for them to do their job, but smart tech can help fill in some of those gaps.

That’s why non-profit organizations like The National Police Association (NPA) work tirelessly to repair the reputation of law enforcement. There will always be a handful of bad apples in every profession, and some of those people are drawn to the power that comes with having a badge and a gun. However, they don’t represent the whole police force. Until the anti-police rhetoric is dissolved and people cooperate, smart tech will be one of law enforcement’s greatest assets in solving crimes.

  1. Smart technology supports first responders

Another way smart tech helps police officers and also paramedics is being able to integrate real-time data from multiple sources instantly. For example, 911 dispatch calls, license plate readers, and gunshot sensors can be integrated into a visual image to help first responders get a better idea of what they’re about to face when responding to a situation.

Smart technology can also help first responders coordinate with one another. When agencies have a way to communicate with each other using smart technology with an internet connection, they don’t have to worry about their comm systems being on different bands.

Interagency communication issues have always been one of the biggest problems that unfortunately cost people their lives when multiple agencies respond to emergency situations. Each agency communicates on a different frequency, and their radios aren’t compatible with other agencies’ frequencies. Even ambulances can be equipped with 10 or more radios to ensure they can receive calls from every agency. For this reason, smart tech has the power to help first responders literally save lives.

  1. Smart thermostats keep homes warm

When temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, it’s crucial for homeowners to keep their pipes warm. When water inside of a pipe freezes, it also expands and can crack the pipe. When the water thaws, the cracks in the pipe will create a leak. If the pipe has completely busted, it can cause a massive flood.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face is going away during the winter months and not being able to control the temperature inside. Traditional programmable thermostats only turn the heat on when the inside temperature reaches a certain number of degrees. This can work, but it doesn’t give the homeowner control from afar.

Smart thermostats can be controlled from an app. A homeowner can look at the weather predictions and program their thermostat to run warmer for the duration of the frost and then turn it down again. This saves on energy bills and gives the owner remote control of the precise temperature and daily programming.

  1. Kids get tablets to take home

Although tablets should be used in moderation, they’re actually a really useful tool for kids in school. Before tablets, kids only got to use computers at school on certain days of the week. Now they can use their tablet at school to take notes, work on homework assignments, and they can even take it home. It’s much easier for kids to get schoolwork done when they have all the tools they need.


Technology will continue to improve our lives

Based on results so far, it’s safe to say that technology will continue to improve our lives in many ways, whether it’s streamlining communications or making our daily tasks more convenient. Each new innovation brings something new to the table, so we can expect greater things in the future.

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