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10 Unique Party Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Steve Danforth
Red Balloon

Valentine’s Day is an old tradition that dates back to the year 496. Despite its ancient history, people still practice it throughout the world. It has become a unique holiday that features red and pink themes filled with love, chocolates, and plenty of other treats. The only challenge that people face is coming up with distinct and innovative ideas to make the day glamourous. But worry not, here is a list of some of the best and unique party ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Come up with Floral Ice Cubes

A good Valentine’s party should feature plenty of drinks ranging from Vodka to bottles of fruity cognac, like Courvoisier. But it is a special day, so don’t just give your guests plain ice cubes for their drinks. Instead, twist things a little. Come up with beautiful floral ice to make the party special. Making these will require plenty of tiny tulips or rose flowers and some water. You can also use rose petals for simplicity. Make sure you immerse the petals or flowers completely in each section of the ice tray. As soon as the ice forms, you will find your flowers or petals sitting at the center of the ice looking more beautiful than ever.

Come up with Kissy Cake

One of the most brilliant Valentine’s party ideas is including a cake in your list of pastries. You, however, need to think outside the box and leave every attendee stunned by your intelligence. To do so, forget about the typical square, rectangular, and circular cakes. Come up with a lip-shaped cake instead. Make the icing or cream to be red or pink with beautiful highlights on the edges to make it appear like a kiss. You can then go ahead and set it up on a table filled with rose petals. Such an idea will not only charm people but also inspire a beautiful Valentine’s mood.

Use XOXO Table Cloths

Sometimes the decorations you use can be enough to radiate the whole party and instill the romantic feeling in people. One way to do so is by making changes to your table cloths. Do away with plain and single-colored fabrics and replace them with materials that have XOXO decorations. You can decide to write the X’s and O’s or have them printed for both uniformity and enhanced beauty. Either way, make sure they are visible enough to send out a message to every attendee. You can then go ahead and neatly cover the tables.

Come up with Cupid’s Arrow Pretzels

Everybody loves pretzels, and so you should consider including them in your Valentine’s party. To make them match the occasion, design the pretzels like cupid’s arrow using either dough or cream. You can then add some adornments to make them stand out. The idea is to make the pretzels sweet, appealing, and most importantly, romantic. These cupid arrow pretzels will make the whole party enjoyable and memorable. That is because they add a nice touch to the theme of the day. It is also one of those Valentine’s party ideas that make the occasion special.

Project Romantic Quotes onto a Big Screen

Projecting romantic movies may end up turning down the vibrancy of the party. That is why you should consider displaying love quotes instead. That way, if anyone takes a glance at the big screen, he or she ends up gleaming with admiration. It is also a great way of giving people something to talk about while enjoying the party. Don’t display the quotes on a plain white screen, come up with an appealing background instead, but don’t make it too distracting. You should also pick a strategic spot so that everyone can see whatever is on the screen without straining.

Include Slow Romantic Music in the Background

Music has a way of bringing every party to life. Come up with a list of quality and slow tunes that will make the place vivacious. It should be soft, pleasant, and melodic. Also, make sure the volume is enough for people to hear the kind of music that is playing without complaining about their ears. The good thing with music is that it absorbs the murmurs and keeps the crowd fully entertained. It is an idea that works whether you are hosting a big Valentine’s party or just having a few friends over. The last thing you want is some awkward silence in the middle of the party.

Have a Red Balloon Ceiling

If you are planning to host your Valentine’s party indoors, what are your plans with the ceiling? Will you leave it bare, or are you planning to include some embellishments? Either way, you need to try this spectacular balloon-ceiling idea. Get plenty of red balloons, inflate them and place them all over the ceiling until there are no spaces left. They don’t have to be necessarily red; you can opt for something bright like pink or gold or even mix them up. Attach them incredibly well to keep them from falling all over the place. If you do it right, your house will transform into a lovely party haven.

Decorate the Ice Buckets

The number one thing that should not be excluded on your list are bottles of sparkling champagne. That is where you bring in the decorated ice buckets. You need to be a bit creative because any slight mistake can make the buckets look awkward. First, know the kind of decorations you want to include in the bucket. Second, know what paint to use. Some of the paint options include red, pink, or a combination of both. Once the buckets dry up, fill them with ice then include rose flowers all-round the bucket. The ice will keep the rose flowers fresh, and the paint will make the bucket look fantastic.

Include Partners Lip-Sync Competitions

To make things a little bit interesting, suggest a lip-sync competition where partners come together to showcase their chemistry as they stun the crowd. If there are single people in your midst, pair them up so that they don’t feel left out. Make sure you start as soon as the party starts becoming less and less appealing. The groups have to make their pick so that the competition ends up being fair to all parties involved.

Have a Bonfire Party

If you don’t want to go all romantic and classy, you can go ahead and throw a bonfire Valentine’s party. You are, however, going to need an open space where you can light your bonfire. Station some grills with barbecues near the blaze and let people serve themselves juicy steaks whenever they want. Don’t forget to include bottles of champagne and wine just in case someone gets thirsty. The good thing about this idea is that you will not spend too much, but yet it will be more fulfilling and memorable. It works better if you are dealing with a small group of people.

These Valentine’s Day party ideas are incredible for those people seeking exquisite fun during that day of love. They will ensure the party remains entertaining, exciting, and memorable. You should, however, be ready to do a lot because some of those ideas require both time and money. All in all, for the sake of love, don’t you think they are worth considering?

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