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The New Top Gun Trailer is Here!

by Steve Danforth
Top Gun Trailer

The trailer certainly gives the much needed nostalgic thrills that one would expect from the Top Gun franchise. Even though the trailer has come after 34 years, it is still a delightful experience to catch all the action live on the big screen with Tom Cruise at the helm of the affairs.

The sequel is written by a group of writers, namely Peter Craig, Christopher McQuarrie, Justin Marks, and Eric Singer. The movie is directed by Joseph Kosinski and is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Tom Cruise is back on the big screen in this action-packed trailer with the hope of orchestrating yet another movie that is solely running on his shoulders and star value. This one yet again proves that the protagonist can get away with his age even if he does not look like it and that in itself is saying a lot about Tom Cruise-the actor. He has time and again proved his mettle just like in the Mission Impossible series, where he plays the diplomatic agent. Yet again, he is bringing back the old is gold touch with the sequel to an 80’s blockbuster hit.

The trailer is hitting all the right points with visuals and action with an opening scene showing Tom Cruise flying a fighter jet. Next, you have him hanging inverted in the air with the plane showing a lot of action while just missing the airstrike mid-air being fired at it and so forth. It is a beckoning of sorts with dialogues of Tom always being the central character wherein he is asked about why he has not progressed to a general or admiral in the armed forces.

Tom is welcomed back to the academy to train a couple of novices in the process of becoming aviators. His reputation precedes him, and he is considered to be the only one who can give them flight lessons along with lessons about life and death when they are caught in the crosshairs. Miles Teller is playing one of the trainees and also happens to be remarkably like “Goose” who was Maverick’s radar intercept officer and is unfortunately no more. Jennifer Connelly is a new entry into the movie who plays Tom Cruise’s love interest in the film.

The Paramount Pictures will be releasing the movie in the summer of 2020. The sky-high budget of the movie is a no-brainer considering the graphics and CGI team working round the clock to give it the visual appeal it deserves. The film lets you relive the backdrop of the ’80s with Maverick’s jacket, making a comeback just like him, along with the background music and the context in general. It’s like you never bid them goodbye, and they have resurfaced only to have Maverick as the teacher and no longer the hotshot who gets to fly around.

The trailer talks about a time when drones are all the air forces would require, and just like the F14’s going out of production, the unmanned jets will be the talk of the future. With manned planes becoming obsolete, the whole central theme of the top gun stands to be contemplated and can be seen in the premise of the movie.

Another question that arises is whose death is shown in the trailer, and it leaves you wondering what the plot is. Maverick is shown in a never seen before avatar flying a highly advanced supersonic jet that zooms by with unattainable ease. The aircraft is so fast that it jerks off the roof of a nearby shack during its flight.

Maybe Maverick does save the day from the mostly unmanned jets going rogue all of a sudden, and that waits to be seen in the movie. With gold orders, he is brought back to the Top Gun program in a unanimous and unwavering show of affection his way.

Nevertheless, he is put in charge of an arrogant group of aviators who seem to have their head in the clouds and yet no display of gratitude whatsoever.

Some of the tricks seen in the trailer have been tried and tested in the earlier, and hopefully, there is more where they come from. So, with attention to detail, it is all right up your alley of action and adventure packed into one forceful impact after another. Nobody is delivering blows up until a fight is broken up Tom Cruise between the group, but one can only wait for noteworthy performances from the stellar cast.

The combat missions will be a sight for sore eyes, and for the Top Gun fans, it will undoubtedly be the revival of yet another legend.

A story of that caliber being continued and retold is something to eagerly wait and watch out for. One can quickly go out on a limb and vouch for the quality of the storyline since Tom Cruise is always choosy while picking his plots and does not come off as a natural supporter. He has his head and heart in the right place and usually goes with his instincts.

So, as overbearing as it looks, there is a bountiful of surprises coming our way with the movie.

The prominent feature of the trailer is seen in the real-time action caught on the big screen. There are a lot of real airplanes and naval bases shown in the movie, thus lending it the rustic quality that it upholds with the name. The CGI graphics are therefore used far lesser than usual. There is a lot of mystery waiting to unfold in the main plot, and the haunting question remains, of why are there the F14’s shown in action?

These fighter jets had been unlicensed and unsanctioned by the Armed forces a long time ago, so why show it now in the trailer of the movie. The new trailer has caught the attention and spread an instant wave of excitement through them. They cannot wait to latch themselves onto the theatre seats and catch the movie with all the thrills it promises. So, let us wait in anticipation for the summer of 2020!

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