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What is Cybersecurity, Really?

by Steve Danforth

We live in a digital world that is continually transforming and evolving. The cyberspace is just like the galaxy of stars, which is ginormous as it seems and is infinite concerning space and time. This massive sea of algorithms and codes can easily be broken into just as quickly as it can be built up by the masterminds of this universe. The illicit activities in play affect the smooth functioning and the transition of the activities online.

Once you make it to the virtual world, it slowly turns into a reality, and if you are not vigilant, it can break your life before it begins. Even though you are not well informed about the subject, it is always better to be well-equipped with the knowledge of information intelligence. Information security is not something to be treated vicariously since it can give you many sleepless nights otherwise.

The masked invaders can turn your world upside-down in a matter of minutes or even seconds. These invaders are nothing but the cybercriminals who can cause data breaches and hack their way into every aspect of your life by merely breaking down a firewall and thus making a secure connection an unsecured one. One of these days, you can be caught unaware, and your security and privacy can become a thing of the past. So, tread the lines carefully and surf with caution and proper protection in place.

Cybersecurity is defined as the set of techniques and tools required to maintain the integrity and intelligence of networks, programs, and data. This, in turn, protects them from unauthorized access, exploitation, attack, and damage. 

There are three prominent tenets of cybersecurity:

1)Confidentiality: In other words, this term refers to privacy. Information resources are classified into various categories, one of which is highly sensitive that needs to be safeguarded at all costs. Even if the information is not highly sensitive, every piece of information should be treated with the same level of importance, and confidentiality should be maintained irrespective of the costs incurred.

2)Integrity: The consistency, precision, and accuracy of the data can be trusted only with this factor. The data integrity can be safeguarded with various controls.

3)Availability: This factor can only be ensured once the proper communication channel is set up concerning upgrades, updates, and data protection at the right time. None of these should be compromised because only then can the data be available all the time, round the clock.

Cybersecurity is a branch of information technology and needs to be taken seriously once and for all. The cybercrimes are on the rise and have seen a marked increase in the last decade. 

Let’s take a quick look at the glaring facts of the internet meltdown happening right in front of our eyes.

1)A staggering estimate of 3,809,448 stolen records has been reported since the year 2013.

2)Cybercrimes reported against startups, and small-scale corporate sectors account for about 43% of the total crimes committed.

3)In the last year(2018), a total of approximately one trillion dollars was spent on fighting the cybercrimes globally.

4) By the year 2020, it has been estimated that a sum of roughly six trillion dollars will have been paid in enforcing cybersecurity measures.

So, with your facts about cybersecurity out in the open, all you need to know is what can be done from the comfort of your couch at home. You need not be an expert or pay big bucks to ensure the safety and security of the network.

The below-mentioned necessary steps can be followed to fight against the growing threat of various forms of cybercrime:

1)Read and understand the topic well

Everyone needs to be well aware and understand the danger at bay. The concerned issue is not a domain or an area of expertise restricted only to the IT team. Everyone should be aware and well educated about the details.

In a company, the employees should be circulated emails alerting the crowds of various types of crimes like malware, spyware, phishing, etc. Further, rules and regulations need to be implemented with corrective and preventive actions in place. No suspicious links or emails originating from an external source should be clicked on so that there are no repercussions.

2)Insurance and security

The antivirus software is an essential part of the information security challenge. But in today’s twisted scenario, antivirus is not the only solution to the complicated question of how to protect your data from being leaked or attacked. Various tools have been designed to ensure you and hence protect any losses if incurred. It is better to prevent the damage caused rather than contain the losses caused since the cleaning up act can cost you a lot more than the preventive measures. It is better to mitigate the risk and hence deviate policies for the stronghold.

3)Backup and recovery are essential

Whether you are a big corporate honcho or a millennial, it is always better to be put up the backup solutions in place. Further, the recovery interface of the programs is still a corrective action put into play once you have faced the threat of being under attack. 

After a deep insight and close look at the essentials of cybersecurity, the question in itself gets answered. The statistics have revealed a scary scenario wherein, in the coming decade, the numbers will only increase, and nobody wants to get trapped in the interconnected web of stark confusion and bitter reality.

So, better be prepared and rise to the occasion as deemed necessary in today’s world.

Nobody would want to be on the receiving end of the spitfire, and it is always essential to gear up for the action rather than watching from the sidelines. The intelligent nature of cybercrimes itself calls for the need for cybersecurity. The secure environment of the connections should be maintained consistently and integrally, which is of paramount importance for the smooth functioning of companies and startups.

So, pay heed to the strong winds blowing in your direction and set sail with caution! You would not want to be caught in a bad storm, would you?

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