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Using Instagram Account For Elevating Traffic Count For The Fashion Site And Boutique Owners

by Steve Danforth
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It is true that fashion is one of the biggest and promising industries which seem to have its own spot on Instagram. Recent studies show that fashion brands on Instagram is likely to receive an approximate like of 16,616 and 102 comments on every post. To top if all, around one third of the Instagram users have bought item of clothing they saw on social networking sites like this one. Therefore, when it comes to business booming, especially of the fashion world, nothing can beat the importance of Instagram to say the least. With more millennial hooking up on Instagram, this platform is establishing rapidly as solid platform for the fashion centric brands these days.

Perfect Ways For Smaller Brands To Stand Out:

Just because you are against some of the marketing giants in here that does not mean you can’t stand a chance. Instagram is a perfect place for those smaller fashion brands to get their voices heard. Want to know how you can use real instagram likes in your advantage to get a hike infollowers’ count? First of all, try to perfect your picture as it is Instagram you are talking about. Even if you are not associated with fashion brand, you can always produce quality content in the feed section. At least, you are expected to do so! The picture you plan to post should have higher resolution, must tell a story and needs to be visually fitting for your theme.

  • Make sure to research for the hash tags before you actually try using some as tags for your post made on the fashion world. There is a limitation of using only 30 hash tags per photo so do be very careful with the choices you are making.
  • Once you have mastered the art of photography and hash tags, it is time to engage with people using same hash tags. Try commenting on others’ pictures, which will make them click on your link, and directly into your business page!
  • The hard part is getting granular because—sorry to tell you—“getting more clients,” “making more money,” or “growing” are not goals. They are hopes and dreams, unless you get specific. “More money” is a hard one to reach—how much more until you’ve made it? You probably already have a vague idea in mind, so just say it out loud or better yet, write it down. Have the guts to admit to yourself what you want. Your brand goals should be no different. If you’ve only sold by referral up to this point, maybe you want at least four potential ideal clients to call you out of the blue every month because you have a noticeable, memorable, shareable brand. Maybe you want your brand to be able to justify raising your price by 25 percent. Once you know what you’re aiming for and what your brand is supposed to be doing, you can make the right decisions on how to invest your time and money in it, and have a brand that actually works for you—not one that just looks nice or, worse, looks like all the other guys. These brand tips are simple in theory but often difficult in practice. They require going beyond website copy and elevator pitches that sound “correct” but are actually boring and generic. They mean ignoring the opinions of others and believing in your own abilities and expertise. And they require you to get real with yourself about what you really want. But that’s the work necessary to separate yourself from competitors and the sea of sameness.

Time To Use Instagram As Marketing Tool For The Fashion World:

As you are trying to expand the appeal and reach of fashion business, using Instagram alongside other social media can help you in this venture. Instagram proves to be an amazing asset to business, only if you know how to use it as your perfect marketing tool. So, without wasting time, let’s just jump right into the ways to use Instagram as marketing tool for the fashion world.

  • Always try to stick to the story as it helps in strengthening your brand. Here, consistency is always the key. So, you will have enough hardship to keep followers growing. The posts you are planning to make should have a theme to them and consistency with one another.
  • Each post must work out perfectly to match seamlessly with the “big picture,” which is your brand. There have been multiple times when you are trying to share something without interrupting stories. Well, Instagram stories will come handy for that as it helps in sharing content other than the rest.
  • Moreover, engaging with your fashion audiences on Instagram will have its share of various benefits. It is one major ingredient in brand advocacy and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it works great in increasing the likability, visibility, credibility and memorability of the business well.

Reliable Ways To Get More Followers:

The only way to grow your fashion site on Instagram is though a growing followers’ base. It is really important that you learn more about the ways to grow your followers, which will eventually grow your Instagram base for the fashion growth. Unless you have a proficient following count on Instagram, you won’t get to handle your fashion business well. Want to know how to grow this count? If so, then aim for it now.

  • The perfect use of filters: Keyword hash tags are not the only thing to watch out for as Instagram community will respond to some photo filters more than others. Using the right filter will have impact on engagement well. The most famous filters as widely used by the fashion businesses in Instagram are Clarendon, Normal with filter, Juno, Ludwig, Lark, Gingham and Amaro.
  • Right posting time: The right timing of posting your picture or post is yet another thoughtful way to get more crowds towards your side as followers. One targeted approach is mainly to analyze what has worked and what did not work for you in past. By visiting the optimization section, you can get detailed analysis of posting history versus engagement.
  • Try stealing Instagram followers of competitors: One best way to find and attract new following is by seeking out Instagram accounts of closest competitors and engaging with audiences. These people have shown some interests in product line and try to get them towards your account too.

Collaborate To Grow Your Fashion Business:

If you are playing the role of a fashion blogger, then collaborating with some other brands or bloggers within the same niche can be a perfect way to get new followers coming your way. While trying to collaborate with a brand, it is vital to ask about re-tweet or repost. Even such a short exposure can put you right in front of new audience, not following you as of now but with the same interest level. Always be sure that the brands you plan to work with can fit your style and is what the audiences are looking for.

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Instagram Users Are Actually Shoppers:

If you have that basic knowledge to post the right Instagram images, consumers can often soak up marketing message without any form of hard sales pitches from your side. So, you have to work your way out to help pitch your sales towards them. In case, you are into fashion world, then you have a tough competition ahead of you. There’s no need to worry about that as experts will be there to guide you through. Just understand your platform well first and get instant help thoroughly, right from start till end.

Author Bio – Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic.

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