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Amazon Firestick Review

by TechGadgetsz

Amazon Fire Stick: Watch What You Want When You Want!!

Are you bored of watching the same shows and movies on your cable? It is time to cut this cord and find something better. There is no better way to do this than with Amazon Fire Stick. You can plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. It will let you access your favorite shows, movies, music, games, etc. It is a small stick but packs a lot of data and is easy to carry and transport. So, no worries if you are traveling, take your Amazon Fire Stick with you and enjoy non-stop entertainment. 

Are you an Amazon Prime member? It is even better if you are as your device comes with your account details already registered. It provides instant access to all the Prime content. The package contains everything you may need. The Fire Stick comes with the remote, USB cable, HDMI extender, batteries, and instructions for setting it up. Once you log in, it gives you access to music, movies, or data, which is on the Amazon cloud. You have to sit back and relax while a variety of entertainment plays out. Let us take a good look at the features and find out more about the Amazon Fire Stick. 

Design and Functions: Beautiful and Practical!!

The Fire Stick is similar to previous models in design. It has dimensions of 85.9 *30*12.6 mm. It is neither too small nor too big. You can plug it straight into the HDMI port on your TV. In some cases, it may not fit, but fortunately, Amazon provides you with a short compatible cable to help it fit. The design may seem familiar, but the functions are different and better. There are many upgrades. Wi-Fi is better and faster, which means you can watch content faster. Buffering time is very less. The CPU has also improved. Earlier it was dual-core, and now it is quad-core. Dolby version is now 5.1, and Bluetooth has gone up to 4.1 from 3.0. The resolution is 1080p. The remote has seen a lot of changes. The buttons all seem similar to the previous versions, but there is a new button for voice control. You have to press it to ask Alexa to find and search for you instead of typing on the on-screen keyboard. The voice recognition function is a plus point for Amazon because they have already shown high-class performance with their voice and audio products and service. They are the leaders in the voice control world. 

Performance: Top Class!!

The performance of the Amazon Fire Stick is of a high standard. It performs well and at high speed. It is easy to scroll the menus, and once you choose something to watch, it does not take much time to load. Of course, your internet speed plays a vital role in this. The user interface is easy to understand, even for a new user. You will have to first click on the app and only then reach the content. So, it may take some time to get to the content. However, if it is a part of Amazon’s universal search, then you can search easily by typing or giving a voice command. The voice recognition is the top class, just like it is for other Amazon product range like Echo. Although the search function is very accurate, it has a limited range. It can frustrate you sometimes, especially if you like the efficiency of Alexa in the Echo.

What We Like

We like the Amazon Fire Stick for its speed and ease of handling. The interface design is a perfectly sensible one. Even a novice can use it without any problems, and finding what you are looking for is not complicated. The content watching experience is smooth. There are no hiccups and stutters, and it works stably. The playback function is also excellent. The voice search function is useful and gives quick and accurate results, especially if you are searching for Amazon and Netflix content. It also gives you an easy way to jump from one app to another. It supports most of the popular services but gives the best results with Amazon content. The Amazon Fire Stick gives you a lot of bang for your money. It is an affordable and good value for money. In its price range, this is the best product. It offers a wide variety of entertainment along with practical functionality. 

What Can Improve

It is a suitable device, and there is not much to improve here. The one problem is that you can access Amazon and Netflix easily, but other apps need more time. This is because you need first to launch the app and then only play the content. The search function can disappoint you in this aspect. You are unable to use the voice function to its full potential. You can use the voice command to skip forward to the next episode but not for going backward. This needs some improvement, and probably in the future versions, we will see this issue resolved. The resolution is 1080p, which is good enough but may seem outdated in this day and age. With a lot of competitors who are innovating and taking big technological leaps, Amazon should try to address this issue. There is already a new Fire Stick in the market, which is ticking all the boxes. For people who like Amazon content and want an easy and fuss-free watching experience, the Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best choices.

The Bottom Line

It is an excellent piece of hardware with some top-class software and that too at an affordable price. It is sturdy and gives good results. The voice function can improve, and it seems that Amazon has missed a few chances. It could have made the search and play options so much easier to control, but that has not happened. When it comes to playing Amazon’s video data, it is at its best. For people who are fans of Amazon products and content, it is the top choice. Here it works well and finds everything in a snap. The voice search also gives quick results. 

Based on its features, functions, and design, we would recommend it to everyone looking for a streaming device. If you also factor in the affordable price range, it becomes an irresistible option.

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