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5 Pieces of Technology That Will Improve Your Workout

by TechGadgetsz
Improve Your Workout

Over the last few years, advanced technological devices have found their way into the fitness industry, revolutionizing it in many ways. However, with the availability of numerous fitness devices in the market, choosing the best product for you can seem overwhelming to beginners. Here’s a look at the top 5 fitness gadgets that will help you improve your health. These can all be used to track your health and fitness routines.

Bar Sensei

The Bar Sensei is a cool fitness tracker for weightlifters. Hook it up to some dumbbells or barbells and you can measure the power or speed of each lift. The device also collates your workout information and sends it to an application where users can view reports on their performance and how they can improve their lifts.

Whether you are at the beginning stage of your weightlifting journey or a pro, Bar Sensei can suit your needs.

Fitbit Charge 3

It’s an amazing fitness tool for people who make some movements. The Fitbit Charge 3 can help you track your heart rate daily as you hit the gym. It can also assist you with your calorie counting and sleeping patterns. What’s more, Fitbit’s water-resistant properties make it suitable for tracking physical activities in wet environments even in swimming pools.

If you want to leverage smart technological tools to achieve your fitness goals, the Fitbit tracker is surely a great option. Starting from $140, you can buy the Fitbit charge 3 without breaking the bank.


This is an innovative fitness application for high-performance athletes. The sensor can be linked to your smartphone through an application. When the app is installed, Vert allows athletes to visualize the power of their movements, jumping heights, running speed, and landing impact among other things. By monitoring your workouts this way, you can lower your risk of injuries. You will also get more info on how to improve your workouts.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

This heart-monitoring device sets the records straight when it comes to fitness tracking. It’s the holy grail of every fitness freak. Enhance both your endurance and condition yourself by strapping this portable device to your body. The Polar H10 is smart and it can be linked to a smartphone app and gym equipment. The device can be used in conjunction with your Polar watch and also in stand-alone mode.

Stay on top of your training sessions by monitoring the intensity of your workouts so that you don’t end up doing too little or too much exercise. On easy days, ensure that you don’t overexert yourself; recover fast. The Polar H10 sensor can also be of great help if you want to be sure that you are doing the right quantity of exercise to gain better results.

MARQ Driver

This is a Garmin fitness watch that comes with a lot of features that allow athletes to monitor their oxygen levels, GPS location, stress levels, and other functions. Sold for $2000, the MARQ Driver is quite expensive, but its advanced features make it worth the high price. This technological fitness tool is perfect for triathletes and tech junkies.

To sum up, get one (or more) of the above top 5 fitness devices to monitor your performance and improve your health.

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