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Does Your Development Team Need Cloud Storage?

by Steve Danforth
Cloud Storage

Cloud storage can be effective for many parts of a company. However, as a company, you shouldn’t just be assuming that you’ll use cloud storage to back up files and documents. Your company’s development team may get a lot of usage out of your company’s cloud storage subscription. There are many indications that could showcase that your company could benefit from cloud storage for developers: here are four of them.

1.Developers Aren’t Always in the Same Physical Location

This is a huge indication that you need to invest in cloud storage for your developers. If your developers aren’t always in the same physical location as each other, they’re still going to need to have a way to work on the same project and show their project to each other. Cloud storage can solve this problem; instead of having to send actual files to each other, cloud storage allows your developers to all view the same file on the cloud.

2. You Need to Utilize a Lot of Information

If your development team needs to regularly deal with several gigabytes or even terabytes of data, you want to make it as easy as possible to access that data without having to download or upload it every time. This is where cloud storage can come into play, allowing you to utilize that information without having to upload or download it. Instead, you can work on the project while it’s in the cloud.

3. Your Company Develops Bandwidth-Intensive Products

Many media applications, like video applications, are very bandwidth-heavy. Even if you’re just testing them inside your development team, it may be very difficult on your company’s bandwidth to regularly allow these products to draw on your company’s internet access. Instead, you can upload them to the cloud, allowing you to free up that bandwidth space at your company’s building.

4. You Need to Be Able to Scale Products Infinitely

What if you’re developing something like a video game or an e-commerce website, where you’re hoping to grow traffic to hundreds or even thousands of individuals online at the same time? Scaling these products can be a tricky process, and allowing your developers access to these products no matter how many people are online is absolutely necessary. Third-party cloud storage providers allow you to get as much storage as you need. Cloud storage makes it much easier for you to manage your company’s development process at every stage of the process, whether you have a dozen people online or thousands.


Cloud storage is a hugely beneficial tool for many companies. No matter what your company does or what you’re thinking you’ll use the cloud storage for most prominently, it’s a good idea to consider investing into it. If you have a development team, remember that they’re probably going to want to utilize the cloud storage themselves as well. Many development teams find significant benefit in their company’s cloud storage options, and your company is likely to be no different.

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